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The LONELY MONKEES bring you high quality Tee Clothing. Make our Tees your second skin!

Quality & Fabric Highlights : The fabrics are carefully chosen, created by highly skilled labour and with advanced monitoring, testing and assured for size, fit, usage & quality at each stage during the production process.

All Tees are 100% Cotton (Hoodies are 80% cotton and 20% Polyester) in at least 180-190 GSM and can go up to 220GSM.

  • Comfort fit, Eco Friendly Prints
  • Lustrous & Comfy Sewing threads
  • All fabrics are 100% Pre Shrunk.
  • Ultra soft Tranquil Garments treated with special Enzymes, 100% Inspected products.

Fabric Material & Testing:

Our Production & fabric team partners are into producing fabrics since 1968. So you have your clothing being produced and supervised with years of experience in delivering quality apparel since years. All garments are subjected to fabric dimensional stability test, spirality tests, laundry tests and more if needed by the fabric production team.

The fabrics are made with special enzyme and manufactured using high tensile 3-ply stitching yarns for durable seams and superior feel and finish. the garments are added with special neck lining for a premium and comfortable feel.

Caring for Nature & reducing the carbon footprint:

All prints are Eco-Friendly Organic in nature and approved by Oeko Tex and Gots.

Inspections & Checks:

Fabrics inspected by the production team even before they are cut. This eliminates any irregularities at the beginning. The finished products ( before being printed) are inspected at 3rd party testing Labs

The Prints are tested and inspected for Colour and wash fastness. Before dispatching to you, each garment goes through matching and inspecting again. This is done twice, apart from random checks by factory managers at the production location.

Tee care - Caring for your Lonely Monkees Tee

Common guidelines are given below. But, please refer and follow exact caring guide printed on your Tshirt, which is more specific to the garment.

  • Wash your garment inside out
  • Do not dry clean
  • Do not iron on the print
  • Kindly wash dark colors separately
  • Do not bleach your garments
  • Wash at 40 degrees centigrade, i.e. in cold water
  • Do not use strong detergents or bleach or fabric softener

Modified Printing:

Some Designs/Special Characters/Alphabets or other design component maybe modified specifically for dark colour/Black Tshirts for contrasting purpose. In such cases, the colour combination may be little different from the one on White or lighter TShirts. However, the team ensures that the final revision in colours look as good on dark as they do on the whites.